Corporate law

We help businesses by assisting them in their daily operations. Our field of expertise is very extensive, consisting of all legal rules a company and its directors, shareholders and employees may have to deal with. We support entrepreneurs both nationally and internationally.

Corporate Investigations

Addressing fraud, corruption or violations of internal rules within your own company requires careful investigation. Our services include conducting (internal) company investigations, advising on compliance with laws and regulations and litigating against authorities or liable parties.

International Business

International business, including import and export of goods, requires specific knowledge of international regulations and foreign laws. It is also important to ensure the necessary contracts (often in English, German, Russian or French, which we fluently speak). We offer more than ten years of experience in working with such contracts, letters of credit, cash against documents, bank guarantees, customs legislation (taric and GN codes), export regulation (dual use goods), INCOTERMS, VAT regulations and insurance.

We also assist our customers in setting up companies abroad, such as recently in France, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Dubai, Algeria, Malaysia, Australia, Brazil and Venezuela.


Organizations have to comply with a growing number of laws and regulations. We help organizations to comply with these laws and regulations by providing (proactive) advice and facilitating compliance management.


We draw up all necessary contracts, assess and comment on the conditions provided by your customers or suppliers and negotiate with the other party directly if needed. Think sale and purchase agreements, rent, lease and service agreements, general terms and conditions, letters of intent and letters of comfort, nondisclosure agreements, licenses and cooperation agreements (agents, distribution, authorized repair shop, joint venture).

Merger and Acquisition

It can be interesting to grow by investing in new products and/or new markets. This process can be accelerated by acquiring a company or entering into a structural partnership with another company (eg in the form of a merger or joint venture). Such an acquisition or collaboration requires thorough preparation. In addition to an extensive business plan, a good due diligence is indispensable.

The lawyers mentioned below have registered in the register of legal areas of the Netherlands Bar in the following main (and sub) legal areas:

 a. Mr. A.W. Hooijen is registered in the field of corporate law;
 b. Mr. C.P.R. Vrakking is registered in the field of intellectual property law and corporate law.

On the basis of this registration, they are obliged to obtain ten training credits per calendar year in each registered main legal practice area in accordance with the standards of the Netherlands Bar.